vendredi 28 décembre 2007

50 soar

"soar"?! what does that mean?!
there isn't even a word for "soar" in french!!

for illo friday #50 I changed the rules and didn"t use the wacom. I feel like I came to an end with the wacom. Like I know now how to deal with it.

note: I had to invert the picture as I usually write in mirror. so the model/support can read it right in a mirror.

now where did I read that our natural state is eternal non existance and our passage
on earth is nothing but a small brutal temporary emergence into a non natural state of existence ?

lately, most of the time while having conversation with customers or bank managers, my only though is I wish i could go back to the quiet non existence state I deserve because obviously I wasn't really manufactured for this refrigerate state some call life.

most of the time I wish my rage and anger would soar out of me and take on the world and cure all my frustration and sadness. like a sparkling demon rushing thru the top of my head.
thanks god for alcohol and fast motorcycles, even thou I almost died 3 times today riding mine for the first time in a week , it was in intense moment of joy.
faute de merle, on mange des grives.

oh, you'll laugh when you'll know that *soar*, if you pronounce it the french way litterally says "soir", "evening" in french.
happy new year. hurray for 54° rhum.

vendredi 21 décembre 2007

49 horizon


define horizon. it's the limit you can't reach. it's the far away always further away. it's the on you cannot reach, it's the clear line somewhere your eyes can't catch, it's the everything you can see then one step further. it's the walk towards it, it goes away. it's the one you can never reach.

I'm pretty tired of the illusionist fake of the windows figuration. it's all fake anyhow. there's nothing more than the surface. the empty shell of the self ego promotion. it's all fake inthe end. it's all pretend to take advantage and escape from all the trouble in communicating in honesty. it's all lies. it's nothing but marketing techniques adapted to the live lived to fit the system.
no horizon left to gaze upon. just the surface. the empty canvas. virtual paint on the virtual canvas to describe the illusion of life.

longest night in the year. hopefully one of the last.

lyrics for the weekend

And when I'm lying in my bed
I think about life
And I think about death
And neither one particularly appeals to me

dimanche 16 décembre 2007

48 backward

if you could go backward in time, what would you change?
This place recieved some really nice comments from really talented people. I'm sorry I had absolutly no time lately to stop in other's peolple blogs and write how much I love thier art. just too much work to do. I should update the link section and post a few comments, but first things first.

dimanche 9 décembre 2007

47 Little things

you bunch of losers. last week's answer was "Excess Baggage" starring Benicio Del Toro, Alicia Silverstone and a 3 serie BMW. nobody wins the romantic evening with the artist, nobody wins the hot night with the artist. aha.
been sick for more than 3 weeks now, makes me very easilly irritable.

samedi 1 décembre 2007

46 excess

find the movie related to the topic and WIN AMAZING PRICES
like... I dunno. what do you want ?
bonus points for main actors, including car.
have a numb weekend.

Damn it. I just learnd Evel Knievel's death right after i finished this one.
He would have been such a perfect subject for the topic. damn. RIP Dare Devil.

samedi 24 novembre 2007

45 zoo

I'm sick. leave me alone to die here and now in my soaking bed of misery.

I went to a zoo last summer for the first time in ages. most of the animals seemed to have more space and confort that they actually would have in the real world. It's a cruel world when you want to look like a tiger or a jaguar and actually look like some tiny silly poultry with rond eyes and a couple of red feathers sticking out of your skull. ever feel that way? I know i do.

samedi 17 novembre 2007

vendredi 9 novembre 2007

43 - scale *edited the morning after*

all I know about this little fellow is he either drives an X5, a Q7 or a touareg and he likes to use his cell phone a lot while driving.

The incredible shrinking man is one of the first tv-trauma I can remember. seeing this ending now, it all look like a pathetic mish mash of semi catholico-scientific non sense, but when I was 5 or 8, it made sense. now if you put it in the perspective of the world wide web... "all this vast majesty of creation, it had to mean something. And then I meant something too, yes, dosmolestothemmsol (or something, I didn't quite catch that part) I meant something too. to (the internet) god, there is no zero" **fade to black**

bonus point if you remember that novel from old bukowski.

vendredi 2 novembre 2007

42 HAT

well. what can I say. I felt like boobies.

then I noticed the subject wasn't hat, but hatS.

somewhere between sorolla and Spilliart ...

samedi 27 octobre 2007

41 - "Trick or Treat"

sometimes you win, sometimes you lose AHA !
a few years ago, the superstores tried to force halloween into europe. we have this long habit of bying any sh*t from america we see on tv, so everybody thougt it would be a good idea to import this american tradition here and in the same time extinguish the century lasting tradition of all saints as we know it here. this of course, only to make us buy more useless gadgets and eat more sugar. turned out it didn't work.

no relation, I heard this song last afternoon in a bike shop and it's been in my mind ever since. it's in yours now, don't thank me.
hope your week-end is just as spooky as you'll like it.

samedi 20 octobre 2007

40 grow

I've gone as far as I could in scratching.
now it's time to get organized
enjoy your week end

alternate title for this one was "morning erection"

lundi 15 octobre 2007

39 extremes

this is a really horrible place to be.
this world alone should deny the existance of any god once and for all.
this is an extreemly wrong place to exist.

I think I'm not feeling very well actually

greetings from frankfurt

biggest book fair in the world

jeudi 11 octobre 2007

riding music for the week end

I'll be at the frankfurt book fair for the week end, so I guess tomorrow's topic will be schnitzel (now that would be refreshing)

vendredi 28 septembre 2007

37 blues

I guess you can't win them all.
I got lost on my way somewhere there but I don't have time to do anything more so.

tataa for now see you next week

fun with stats stage III

update of the strangest - funniest google searches that lead to this page

this week winner is
- sauerkraut by the moon of the night
- diabologum blogspot
- vive la fete blogspot
- a saudi resident searching for "beatch underwear"
- a load of "but ah forget my fate" (thank's uncle purcell)
- "sit on his face" 2007 -she -her -girl (???!)
- richard kern
- "wich was the first motorcycle ever to go in production"
(actually I deleted that post in the meantime)
- spourt
- "love the machine" poem (I'd like to hear that one too)
- a bunch of "the devil will find work for idle hands to do"
- "who invented scanners?" (my answer was "GEEKS")
- polar bear moons coca (that's a strange combo)
- illustration about late (need an excuse pal?)
- couch bed illustration
- screaming in exctasy

jeudi 27 septembre 2007

A -> Z the cars

AC cobra
Buick regal 2,8 '89 (mine, put an end to my fantasy about US cars)
Dodge polara (california police special)
Facel Vega
GT 40
Hemi cuda
Iso rivolta
Jaguar type C
Lamborghini muria
Maserati birdcage
Nissan 240Z
Oldsmobile cutlass 442
Pontiac GTO
Quattro Groupe B
Rover 3500
Ultima GTR
Vw 411 (the first car I can remember)
Weineck cobra 780
XB GT falcon
Z-28 camaro

lundi 24 septembre 2007

A -> Z the movies

A to Z is my new hobby. keeps me busy in the bath tub, in traffic, keeps me alienated.

a apocalypse now
b blade runner
c crazy larry dirty mary
d dead man
e element of crime
f faster pussycat kill kill
g gun crazy
h hana-bi
i in the mood for love
j jules et jim
k king of the mountain
l lost in translation
m mad max
n night of the living dead
o on any Sunday (challenge1)
p pirats of the carebeans
q quiet american
r raising arizona
s stranger than paradise
t texas chainsaw massacre
u underground
v vanishing point
w wild at heart
x x-men 1,5 (really, how many movies in X?!)
y y tu mama tambien
z zombie brigade

samedi 22 septembre 2007



this topic is just a lame excuse to post millions of cutie bears on unicycle is it?
I hate circus.
but daddy has the right to go to circus too...

the harderst part of course is having them rotating in opposite ways. takes years to master the art of ... juggling ?

You know what I think about bears already (see illo #14) but I hate clowns. I really do.

have a wonderfull week end

mercredi 19 septembre 2007

sex with the headless corpse of the virgin astronaut

ok. the title doesn't make sense now that the original video has been removed from youtube...

I think these are 9.95 euro well spent if yu consider than 20 years ago, I used to stay up until very late at night (due to time zones) to watch that show aired on BBC2. unable to tape it as we didn't even own a VHS recorder... now of course, any lazy teenager can go to his local DVD store or even download it from youtube...

oh yeah, and I bought the missing vive la fête CD too.
and some old blues for my co workers.

35 wedding

that was highly uninspiring.
children, never underestimate the true value of a good birthcontrol device

dimanche 9 septembre 2007

fun with stats revisited

update of the strangest - funniest google searches that lead to this page

- a saudi resident searching for "beatch underwear"
- a load of "but ah forget my fate" (thank's uncle purcell)
- "sit on his face" 2007 -she -her -girl (???!)
- richard kern
- "wich was the first motorcycle ever to go in production"
(actually I deleted that post in the meantime)
- spourt
- "love the machine" poem (I'd like to hear that one too)
- a bunch of "the devil will find work for idle hands to do"
- "who invented scanners?" (my answer was "GEEKS")
- polar bear moons coca (that's a strange combo)
- illustration about late (need an excuse pal?)
- couch bed illustration
- screaming in exctasy

if someone had told me one day my illo blog would come first when googeling "screaming in extasy"... thank you all of you for your (repeated) visits ;)

samedi 8 septembre 2007

missing link

the missing link

last time I heard about that Dutch band, they left europe to succeed as a techno-dance band in th USA, before Goth became trendy again.
- sexiest thing a girl can handle beside a motorcycle is probably a bass guitar
- and yes, if it wasn't for motorcycle helmet, I'd still have that kind of silly aircut

enjoy your week-end

vendredi 7 septembre 2007


failing to determine the sliding coefficient of the ice killed Mister Holister, physic professor.

I wanted to do some tribute to my never ending fascination for americana and its imagery, but it didn't turn out too good.
too many things on my mind to do anything decent today. I'm officially hunting for a new house while still caughing on the dust and chips of the work in my present house.
this includes some long term decisions and financial / way of life / enslavement issues that just paralyze my mind.
my apologies and thank you for your kind help.

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

have a nice day

the air was warm and there was a smell of rain on pavement as the sun failled again to come up.
what's the word for "insouciance" ?

most of the time, the world is an ugly place to be

tomorrow's topic will be "cake"

samedi 1 septembre 2007


yesterday's illo was entirely made in 4 minutes under the influence of deep red merlot from the île de beauté.I spelled it wrong... again.
mabe I could use that as a gimmick. the wrongly spelled artwork.

I finnaly decided that I'd go to the bol d'or on the assomption than any road trip is better than a trip to the office. at least when That day come when I'm stuck on a wheel chair unable to move any of my limbs (like my father in law always say I will sooner or later) I'll have pictures to look at. aha.
so if anybody's going... meet you there

vendredi 31 août 2007

33 - alphabet

your parents don't love you. they just want to prevent you from evolving

kill your idols
even if you're a fat ass goth illiterate 15 year old.
vive la fête

mercredi 29 août 2007

I dunno

lately I just dunno what kind of music to search for.
last time I went to a music store I got out with 2 cd's of "vive la fête" and the "beastie boys anthology", let's say 2 cd of disco and one of hip hop. (ok, at 19euro the 4 cd it was a bargain)
I discovered hard rock when I was about 10 but what I really loved was hard core, but harcore didn't exist in 1981 so I got into punk rock

then I got into new wave and after punk (this video sucks according to robert smith)

and what could be condsidered as gothic now.
then grunge came along and I loved nirvana and sonic youth (no video needed I guess)
then I mixed hardcore, grunge, goth and my fascination for motors and found out about
white zombie.

now I did have a couple of troubled years, but how I got from white zombie, sonic youth, the subways, nashville pussy, and the mummies to the beastie boys, ladytron and vive la fête is a total mystery.
mabe I'm just growing soft. whaddayathink?

but I really love vive la fête, they're total nihilistic and into cars and bikes
does that remind you about someone?...

samedi 25 août 2007


starting point for this one was "les visiteurs du soir" (The Devil's Envoys)
An old and highly poetic french movie, written by Jacques Prevert and directed by Marcel Carne. I hope you can catch it on TV sometime late at night, in the original version, with the scratches and softened noises covering the music of the original french text. The movie features two devil's emissaries coming on earth to play some evil tricks to the human heart, using their power to make fun of all love and feelings the poor living creatures have to endure. It also is a strong metaphore of the german Occupation and french collaborator govnerment as it was produced during WWII.
The picture of course also has a lot to do with Fuseli 's Nightmare

So. I guess I've been enough of a snotty artfag for today haven't I.
hope this one gives you nightmares.

samedi 18 août 2007


ok, I lied.

I made a recording of the steps that lead to this illustration.
You can find a flash screen with controls on my website

enjoy your week end - week - holliday - whatever and thank you for leaving a comment.


been busy on friday night

and this morning my whole body feels like rusted steel and my head hurts.
can't think about anything.

seriously thinking about giving up.

mercredi 15 août 2007

fun with stats

here are some of the latest referal searches topics as reported by the counter on this page...
- a saudi resident searching for "beatch underwear"
- a load of "but ah forget my fate" (thank's uncle purcell)
- "sit on his face" 2007 -she -her -girl (???!)
- richard kern
- "wich was the first motorcycle ever to go in production"
- spourt

note that some land here only because of my poor spelling.
I'll try to update the funniest google searches.
Or maybe I'll just had some meta files with regular topics, probably mostly p$rn words...

mardi 14 août 2007

Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do

back at the office in 3 days.
do you believe me if I tell you the dreams of concentration camps and prisons/schools are back?
And still, I have one of the coolest funiest easiest job in the world.

but what difference does it make?

samedi 11 août 2007

30 - emergency

This Higlhy modified type II van is used for emergency ice cream delivery on some of the hottest part of the beach at the midi sound of "bridge over river kwai". It is activated by a team of Higly trained top of the class personnal.
wearing pink bikinis of course.

sorry, no kitty cutie cat with their leg broken :P

vendredi 3 août 2007


don't ask me. it's the image that got into me today.
consider it my tribute to joaquin Sorolla.

maybe art is just the way our brain protects us from facing reality and dealing with those we really miss.
write your own story on that one and please post it as a comment. that could be fun.
sort of.
enjoy your summer.

dimanche 29 juillet 2007

28 - MOON

Incidentally, there is a blue moon on monday july 30th. that is ... tomorrow.

Friday night, I slept in a little hotel in the middle of the woods in the french mountains, on my way back from a week on the road. I couldn't see the Haut-Koenigsbourg castel from my window, but it was there, watching on us a few miles ahead on the dead end road. the nature around the hotel was desperatly quiet, you could not hear a single sound coming from the forest, even if you would hold your breath as long as you could. from my room's window, I could see the circular disk of the moon holding my gaze. silent, expressionles.
I could not sleep that night. too quiet. I cannot sleep without the sound of a road, a factory, an expressway, an airport, a scooter passing in the horizon or a tv next room. I'm a garbage city kid.
finnally, I fell asleep for a short moment, only to wake up screaming around 2 am after a dream of pursuit, torture, trephanations, and feline monters.
on the plus side, I finished to read the book I brought with me that night.

never again will I eat that much sauerkraut, sausages and fat pork before I go to sleep. have a nice blue moon week.

late again

samedi 21 juillet 2007

27 poem

Some say she is dull
She takes me through rain and snow
I just love my bike

haikus have rather strict rules. you do not have the right to use images or metaphores. you are not allwoed to compare love to a rose or life to a motorcycle. haikus are here and now. first impression. zen. Usually 7-5-7

Maybe it lacks some power
yours has got much more
Still I am faster than you

You didn't expect any automn leaves or little girls on mother's day did you ?

The journey always to short
I start the engine
No stop before horizon

Enjoy your weekend

Smells like leather, gasoline
Your harms around me
Love the machine love the road

(I did not shoot this video)

samedi 14 juillet 2007


Brought to you by the DNA, the National Dislexics Association.
The idea is clearly beter than the image, probably because it's my girlfriend's idea, and because I spent the night riding the bike with my gang instead of thinking about Illo Friday, emptying my mind after a few days of chaos.
a handfull of friends on fast motorcycles riding in squadron with the girl on the back in a warm summer day, the smell of grass and wood in the countryside, a late supper out on a table outside with a lot of cheap jokes, the ride home as the sun sets in panavision, what more would you need really. then my mind went numb.

samedi 7 juillet 2007


this topic wasn't much fun.
I hate to laugh at people. I take no pride in moking people. this geekiness concept is SO american. I try to stay out of stereotypes as much as I can. the geek IS a stereotype. now sexy geeky girl is also already a stereotype. you just can't work on that subject without falling into cliches and contempt.
Geeks invented scanners to cure brain diseases, geeks invented the internet and computer assisted fuel injected systems, I love books and girls with glasses make me horny.
have a nice week end.

vendredi 29 juin 2007

24 - twist

as the one and only official inventor of the "tequilla-twister™" it was my right to decide that it had to be played by beatch-volley teams in their underwear.

it is now clear that I am NOT an illustrator.
I'm a story teller.
a song writer out of tune


my old friend the king shark made me discover Richard Kern.
not exactly since I already knew some of its videos.
funny enough, he also directed THIS video, that somehow oddly fits my mood this 5 am

wikiepdia describes his work as pornographic but fails to mention the part about sexual minorities, freedom of choice and female liberation I saw in it.
but maybe I just had too much beer.

vendredi 22 juin 2007

23 - camouflage

arsouille never understood why people would constantly sit on his face when he was only trying to take a nap amongst the cushions disposed in the gothic sofa.

mardi 19 juin 2007

22 - rejection

I have a very severe tendency to rejection feeling. I'm working on it.
Maybe this is why I chose this job.
last week , a 8 to 10 years old boy asked me what he had to do to become an artist. I told him the most important thing was to do something he really loved. then, if girls love it too, no more questions, that is your path :)

just tell me you love me.

samedi 9 juin 2007

Home sweet home

21 - SUIT

suit ? SWIMSUITS !!!!!!!
ok. I lied. I sketched it on a piece of cheap paper with the ol' trusty mitsubishi roller pen. so much easier, so much faster, so much fun. Didn't have too much time anyway.
no moody nostalgia this week, just trying to bring a smile on your face.
hope you'll have a quiet and easy going week.

samedi 2 juin 2007

20 your paradise

We are in a cheap hotel room. Early morning. The sun is up and the sky is plain blue.. There is only a couple of hours of riding to reach the sea. you wake up and I hold your hand.

oh wait. that is not your paradise. It is mine.
happiness is having possibilities and things to long for. I guess.

samedi 26 mai 2007


just a quickye between 5.59 and 6.17 before I get to play man V/s horizon myself

cars, they come in all sizes and colors

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...