samedi 25 août 2007


starting point for this one was "les visiteurs du soir" (The Devil's Envoys)
An old and highly poetic french movie, written by Jacques Prevert and directed by Marcel Carne. I hope you can catch it on TV sometime late at night, in the original version, with the scratches and softened noises covering the music of the original french text. The movie features two devil's emissaries coming on earth to play some evil tricks to the human heart, using their power to make fun of all love and feelings the poor living creatures have to endure. It also is a strong metaphore of the german Occupation and french collaborator govnerment as it was produced during WWII.
The picture of course also has a lot to do with Fuseli 's Nightmare

So. I guess I've been enough of a snotty artfag for today haven't I.
hope this one gives you nightmares.

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