mercredi 29 août 2007

I dunno

lately I just dunno what kind of music to search for.
last time I went to a music store I got out with 2 cd's of "vive la fête" and the "beastie boys anthology", let's say 2 cd of disco and one of hip hop. (ok, at 19euro the 4 cd it was a bargain)
I discovered hard rock when I was about 10 but what I really loved was hard core, but harcore didn't exist in 1981 so I got into punk rock

then I got into new wave and after punk (this video sucks according to robert smith)

and what could be condsidered as gothic now.
then grunge came along and I loved nirvana and sonic youth (no video needed I guess)
then I mixed hardcore, grunge, goth and my fascination for motors and found out about
white zombie.

now I did have a couple of troubled years, but how I got from white zombie, sonic youth, the subways, nashville pussy, and the mummies to the beastie boys, ladytron and vive la fête is a total mystery.
mabe I'm just growing soft. whaddayathink?

but I really love vive la fête, they're total nihilistic and into cars and bikes
does that remind you about someone?...

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