vendredi 30 octobre 2009

IF3Y-40 - skinny

I wish my tongue was wandering around your iliach crest licking every each of your secret inter costal spaces getting lost in your arm pits and our bones ringing like a death knell .

but it's not and they're not and I'm not.

you were tired I was bored and I got another beer and I was fat.

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

IF3Y-39 - FAST


I make a living out of fast images. check here

You want to know the secret of fast? it's the wheels. seriously.

I love race cars and fast cars. I think cars are like guns, they can be of great mechanical quality and precision tools, they shouldn't be allowed on the street in the hands of any idiot. they should be roaring on race tracks. My personnal favorite are american. loud and a bit heavy.
today I spent another day walking up and down a race track, but the light was crap.


lundi 19 octobre 2009

IF3Y-38-FROZEN (you are not a unique and beautifull snowflake)

I can relate. this is how I feel in the inside too.

moday morning, as soon as the bike hit the highway I knew I missed a couple of layers.
the heating system does not work in the studio, I could not fix it.
It's only about 10°C but you can see outside that seagulls and raven have it easier than parrots. winter is here now.
I need a project to keep me waiting till spring.

dimanche 11 octobre 2009


B29 flying superfortress. 3,970 were built.
147 000 tons of bombs dropped during WWII

Estimates of Casualties Hiroshima Nagasaki
Pre-raid population 255,000 195,000
Dead 66,000 39,000
Injured 69,000 25,000
Total Casualties 135,000 64,000

167 000 tons of bombs dropped in Korea

Estimating the number killed in Vietnam is extremely difficult. Official records are hard to find or nonexistent and many of those killed were literally blasted to pieces by bombing.

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...