samedi 31 mars 2007


I've never been so uninspired for my whole life.
Just didn't felt like drawing characters for once.

You bring your own story with this one.

Here's some music from Antwerp to go with it, hope you'll like it, listened twice to her album while doing this (and the 5 other images I deleted before this one)

Have a enjoyable week-end.

samedi 24 mars 2007


who's spying on who now?

It doesn't look like much untill you know that I never drew a tree in my life.
I'm a city kid.
I actually typped "I PSY" first, freudian slip.
this is my 10th IllustrationFriday, aka return of the wacom scratching kid.

A few years ago, one of my artschool teatchers told me I made "american skies".
He meant I always over saturate my skies. too bright, too blue. We do not have those blue skies around here. here, everything is bleatched

And now off for my early spring motorcycle boots hunt.
Have a nice week-end
(my god this was so not interresting)

samedi 17 mars 2007


for a moment I considered boycotting this subjet and just bring in the attention on a certain french petroleum company that just made 12.6 billion euro benefit this year while destroying everything from birmany to france, then I thought about it last night watching some genuine shaw brother movies, filmed in shaw vision with painted landscapes that would make the original star trek series look rich.
if you think tarentino is a movie director and not a thief, I've got two words for ya: shaw brother

anyway. another softy this week with no story and no sense at all.
just a total eclipse (please don't start with the annoying song)
have a nice week end.

samedi 3 mars 2007

07-HIDE !

blame it on the wind that I can hear blowing outside as I haven't open the shutters yet, blame it on the fact that I still feel like I haven't sleep for days but still cannot stay in bed for more than 5 hours in a row, but I felt like doing something softer this week-end. I'll be back to be the cynical me next week hopefully. in the meanwhile, you write the story of this one yourself, and I'll go and wash my bike.
OH OK, I CHEATED, I used a pencil and paper to skecth the posture, and then some others sources for the light, hope you don't mind.

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...