samedi 17 mars 2007


for a moment I considered boycotting this subjet and just bring in the attention on a certain french petroleum company that just made 12.6 billion euro benefit this year while destroying everything from birmany to france, then I thought about it last night watching some genuine shaw brother movies, filmed in shaw vision with painted landscapes that would make the original star trek series look rich.
if you think tarentino is a movie director and not a thief, I've got two words for ya: shaw brother

anyway. another softy this week with no story and no sense at all.
just a total eclipse (please don't start with the annoying song)
have a nice week end.

2 commentaires:

  1. Very nice brush strokes. Especially in the shirt and hair.
    Car interiors can be so akward but you used the structure to support a dynamic composition.

  2. will check out the shaw brothers. and will not listen to 80s music. ;-)


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