vendredi 30 janvier 2009

IF3Y01 - flawed

aw, u're sweet. I'm sorry, I didn't intended this poll to turn into an ego rubbing session.
let's go on then.

this week I did a few sketches around an idea inspired by this wonderfull book by chuck palahniuk I'm currently reading. other than that I have A LOT of work and I'm not sure i'll have time to do something with the wacom this week end, and on the other hand, the sketch doesn't look so bad, does it ?

maybe I'll post a color digital version later this week


just post a quote from the above mentionned book around that picture and I send you this drawing. we ship worldwide. I can't post the quote myself because my edition is in french.
losers. that was "rant"
“Chasing him, I forget I have a bum arm and leg. I forget that half my face can’t smile. Chasing him, I’m not an orphan or a girl. I’m not a Nighttimer with a crummy apartment. The deer ... dodges through traffic, and that’s all I see.”

I have a lot of work then, and I'm back at working more and more and sleeping less, slowly back into this familiar mood when you couldn't tell without a clock if it's 10 am or 4 pm if your life depended. I'm doing a lot of coloring for a friend so at the end of the day, I look at colors on the walls like I'd look at colors for the first time in my life or as if I was on drugs.
Trazodonumhydrochloridum is my new best friend anyway.

samedi 24 janvier 2009

105 CLIMBING Illustration Friday

I started this blog january 21rst 2007, today is january 24rst 2009. two years.
after two years of weekly post, I don't know if I should go on with IF so I posted a poll (here on the right). what do you think ?

for this 2 years anniversary, I came back to some oldschool wacom sillyness.

vendredi 16 janvier 2009

105 pale - illustration friday

come back to bed my love, it's only the moon playing with shadow

I just notices this is actually illustration friday 105 ans there were 2X 97 (troubled times)

jeudi 15 janvier 2009

a walk in the parc

yeay tomorrow's friday. night out. food, drink, friends, city lights. oh, yeah, and illustration friday. sure... see you around one of those days.

lundi 12 janvier 2009


I did this for the "MY ABBEY ROAD COVER" initiated by balão vilela (from brazil?)

I can't really say that I have ever been a fan of the beatles, maybe I'm not old enough, maybe i'm too aware of the "good time good place" effect on their career and all the things they imported from the USA and Buddy Holly (your know, the crickets -> the beatles) at a time when english audience had little to no acces to the US rock culture. As a kid I used to go to a record retal service every week to build up my rock culture, and I remember listening to "blackbird" for a week on the white album. something between me listenting to blackbirds at night. or birds in general. or black in general? or night. or insomnia. or whatever. or waiting?

samedi 10 janvier 2009

103 contained

I felt like doing something new. drawing does not come easy lately.
I started from a skeleton to fill it with all the thing it contained.
the original image is an archeopterix
the first animal found with feathers. more important, the first animal to go beyond its own limitations and sublimate its own nature. from the surface of the ground it climbed up in the air.
I keep it with me as a reminder that life is not necessary if you don't try to make it more than what you already are.

it would probably look beter with less blur effects but I'm lazy. mostly made out of orchids and suhis photos I took this morning ("honey, are you taking pictures of the sushis ?!")

vendredi 2 janvier 2009

102 This week's topic is: resolve

oh well, maybe tomorrow

oh well, they're family, might as well fade in

oh well, you just have one life, might as well not last too long and end fast.

this hollyday season has just been two shitty weeks of chores and obligations. then what ?
should I resolve myself to live that shitty loveless life for the rest of eternity or should my 2009 resolution be to get out of this stinky boring life once and for all ?

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...