vendredi 28 mars 2014

still struggling with the Wacom as a pro.

 Here's another insomnia exercise with Wacom intuos, Manga Studio inking and photoshop textures coloring.

I recently did a test for a publishing company that needed hundreds of sketches for a language teaching book.
 It needed to go fast so I first experimented with pen and paper,

(colors by the very talented Tanja Cinna)

then decided to switch to manga studio to obtain a slicker stroke and work the characters in digital only.
I've been bitten in the backside now since I passed the test, not for the hundreds of small character drawings, but for potentially dozens of elaborate perspective views and characters; I might be playing out of my league as far as digital drawing skills are involved.
But it is a refreshing exercise to pass time before I jump on another automotive comic book about the 24h of Le Mans. See you this summer on a race track somewhere.

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