samedi 1 août 2009


eh.. what else?!

I really love the idea that body can be enhanced by some external artist.
I stole all the tattoes for this picture from my friend JURG unless the bastard sues me. I can't draw a tattoo anyway.

the tango competition is still going on... you're supposed to find the name of a movie and the clues are... *tango* - *paris* - *butter* what more can I say except *marlon brando* ?! I know the prize money isn't much (the original drawing sent to your doorstep) but at least I though somebody would post the obvious result for personnal gratification...

still summertime here, tonight is enchiladas and vodka.

8 commentaires:

  1. That's a really great solution for "modify"
    I love the colors.

  2. terrific!!! That's what came to mind for me as well but I haven't drawn anything yet.

    Um, the movie...Last tango in Paris." ;)

  3. Cool tattoo artist! And she's female!

  4. YEAY ! congratulation Studio lolo :)

    the drawing will then leave to ...

    thank for you comments.

  5. aah bin c'est du prop tiens,çà donne bien ,mais pour ta peine j'te pique l'illu!

  6. This is really bold. Awesome coloring, line and brush work.

  7. I love the concept and the illustration is amazing!

  8. really cool body modification! love the tattoos! x


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