jeudi 27 février 2014

another random exercice

I wonder why this wacom exercise is so conveniently shaped as a facebook header.

I've been trying to mix pen inking with watercolours grey shading AND digital colours effect, I reckon the final product isn't all bad. I hope I can "exploit" this soon in a new comic book.

This is so much NOT my usual universe, it proved a painful yet interesting exercise.

On the work front, our latest book "Alpine" seemed to have gain a lot of attention and against all odds could be our biggest success based on the first 3 weeks only ! We're going into reprint already ! I still try to understand when and how things went from no luck no respect no issue I'm gonna die a delivery boy to considerable commercial success with a book that at first I did'nt really want to work on.  Maybe I'm just not so good at picking jobs.

It would be nice if the money could start to be decent now tho.

our next book will be out in about a month (yes, it has been a long and busy 10 month) and it will probably sell on its title alone, and a 20th death anniversary, and it was written by a personal friend of the main character and french specialist of the matter. It will probably be available soon in dutch and italian, maybe my french publisher will find a way to close a deal on another english version and finally get us all invited to goodwood. That would be swell. 

In the mean time, I use the few days of freedom between projects to try to remember who I used to be as an author and launch new and more intimate projects where doing things in a traditional way of showing off technical know how in a shiny and pompous way is less important than a kind of immediate sensation. Who knows.
No one.

And by the way, 2014 is NOT a leap year.

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