lundi 17 décembre 2012


This is the postcard I've been working on for 2013. One of them, but it fits the topic.

I Didn't have any time to make any specific drawng this week anyway as I spent the weekend having a great time in a comic convention around Paris and I still have a lot of work to do on my next comic book.
More details on our work on our Studio Blog.

samedi 1 décembre 2012


Lots of work again on a new book. I took Sketchbook out of the closed but still cannot get any smooth lines out of this wacom.

dimanche 11 novembre 2012


Today 11-11-12 is veteran day. And still some educated people around me, from my generation and culture are still racist selfish pigs certain of their good faith and self superiority. I don't know.

On the good news front, I have another comic book out in the book-stores, and an exhibition going on until the end of the month in Waterloo, in the suburbs of Brussels.

mardi 30 octobre 2012


November 1rst here is when we celebrate la toussaint (all saints), the ancient Celtic celebration of those who left, and that day in the year when the living and the dead meet for a brief moment. It is not really a moment of candy and feast, more of a moment of contemplation and quietness while we remember and honour our relatives, and gather in cemeteries to flower their tombs.

samedi 13 octobre 2012


Not that I drank a lot of it tonight.

The volume 2 or our series Chapman will be in bookstores in a couple of weeks, I'm already halfway though the volume 2 of my other series "Harry Octane" and I have a series of signing sessions booked for this winter. Then we'll work on volume 3 and maybe a few new projects that we are still discussing and that are really going in the good direction so I feel really excited and enthusiast.
isn't that a massive change from what I used to write here a couple of years ago ?

in the meantime you can check some of the wonderful jewellery from my girlfriend on her blog here.

mardi 4 septembre 2012


So, I haven't been here for a while. First I had a lot of work to finish the volume 2 of our book to come out in the end of october, then I took a few days of rest for a motorcycle trip in the swiss alps.
I'm a new man with an old wacom. I still cannot get myself to look "through" the screen. I can look through the sheet of paper, but I only look "AT" the screen.

mardi 3 juillet 2012

Wacom - the frustration

I just sketched this with paper, pencil and watercolors, in 10 minutes, to thank a bookstore who invited us last month. Compared to what I do in half an hour with the wacom after years of exercices, the difference is brutal. Even if I upgraded to an intuos4, I still can't convince me to go for a Cintiq. Not if I'm still unable to do anything decent with it.
I need to find some clues to learn how to work digitally.

lundi 11 juin 2012


Playing around with my own textures, brushes, wacom and my brand new shiny super computer but still the old carving for sea and summer vacations.

dimanche 3 juin 2012

Illustration friday Hurry

It's been an interesting month of may and I've been away from home most of the weekends. The books got good reviews and we received a lot of signing requests and travelled and visited a lot of places under the sun. This rainy weekend exceptionally I was home but we have more book stores to visit the next couple of weeks. C'est marrant la vie.

dimanche 29 avril 2012


working on a new to me form of style based on simplicity and the sheer childish joy of drawing.

May will be trains planes and motorcycles as I will be touring the south of France and Belgium for comic conventions, bookstores and race tracks to promote my two books. Hello world.

lundi 23 avril 2012


Flyin' on your motorcycle, watching all the ground beneath you drop
You'd kill yourself for recognition, kill yourself to never ever stop

mercredi 18 avril 2012


I spent last weekend in a ski ressort for a very easy going comic convention, it was good to meet some people from the same horizons, have a lot of good food, a lot of very good wine, and have a walk in the snow. Next festival will be Pau, early may. I feel very fortunate. too fortunate maybe

jeudi 29 mars 2012


Just a quickie to try and relax before I go back to work. Almost halfway through the first book that we must finish for September. We need a lot of energy to keep the work flowing day after day and try to maintain a standard of quality and not let ourselves drawn in the warm and quiet everyday routine. A lot of promotion to do to abroad to add stress and fatigue.

I posted some how to's and jobs description on the blog of the Studio if you are interested in my work. 
Thank you for visitng.

dimanche 18 mars 2012


I've been neglecting this place again lately. A lot of work to do on the books and a few signings here and there to meet some of our readers.
Spring should be here this week and probably won't help me to get work done. Some ancient memories of summer in the meantime, I don't even have a car anymore and I'm still feeling so uncomfortable with the lack of softness of the wacom.

jeudi 8 mars 2012

ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY - Intention that really is capable

My intention was to illustrate this week's topic but I guess I got a little slow lately. I'm really in that sort of day when you are capable to achieve nothing. And summer still seems so far away
Anyway. Working on the new books that are due to be presented in october 2012 and february 2013, and travelling here and there to sign those who came out last month, check my webpage if you are in western Europe, let's have a beer.

mardi 7 février 2012


(as in "suspenders")

Trying to get back to work after five very exciting but exhausting days in Paris to present our two new books at the retromobile festival. Thank you to everyone who showed attention to our work and everyone involved and to all friends there.

jeudi 19 janvier 2012


Thank you Asja for the background texture.

I realise that this is only my first post for 2012.
I'm pretty much in the starting blocks myself. My two comic books are printed and about to be available. They will be presented to the public and press on February 1rst in Paris, followed by different book signing in Paris and Evreux (to begin with, more signing trips to come this summer). I am very excited and impatient.
(more info on my website)

I am also very impatient to take possession of the brand new British motorcycle I just offered myself as a reward for going through all the work, pain and efforts of those last two years.

2012 starts in the best possible manner. I hope it does for you too.

(here's a good advise)

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...