samedi 31 mai 2008

72 baby

ladies. my god... the topic !!

I'm just not into babies I guess.
Can't think of a song right now. maybe later. got to run. million things to fix here and at other's people place. a whole world waiting to be saved.

samedi 24 mai 2008

71 worry

let's play name that movie
(hum YES, there IS a connection between the topic and the illustration, you'll find it if you can find the name of the movie, smart a$$)

great ligthning, great eyewear


was of course Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

samedi 17 mai 2008

70 wide

my new office with a wide angle. I still need to drill holes and saw things but it's too early in the morning to use the drill and circular saw.

I always get frustrated by the lack of wide angle lens on my camera when I want to take pictures of the new house. last house was so small, it needed a fish eye. new house is ... wide.

I like "learning to fly" beter tho.

mardi 13 mai 2008

69 electricity

Working on the new house left me exhausted. I had my share of electricity those last couple of weeks, about every time I needed to work ON or NEAR a wire.
untill I resolved myself to shut down main power everytime needed.
arty attitude doesn't always cope well with the building necessities.
my office isn't finished yet, still offline.
getting tired of playing charles Ingals now. wich I could just enjoy the garden, the sun and the little pink wine that goes to your head.

mercredi 7 mai 2008

68 - seed

I don't thik I can fit in this group.
too much kindness.

lyrics for the day
I feel as sharp as a carving knife
So I feel in love for the very last time
I'm sick of the beating by everyone
I'm sick of the beating by everyone
I want peace
I want peace
I want peace
I want peace

I'm sowing seeds

jeudi 1 mai 2008

music for the week end

energy for the week end. pain brought to my attention bones, muscles and nerves I never suspected I had in my body before they started to hurt. driving the car filled with boxes every day has only one good effect: more radio and a couple of beers in the sunny afternoon.

oh. that's two effects.

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...