vendredi 31 août 2007

33 - alphabet

your parents don't love you. they just want to prevent you from evolving

kill your idols
even if you're a fat ass goth illiterate 15 year old.
vive la fête

mercredi 29 août 2007

I dunno

lately I just dunno what kind of music to search for.
last time I went to a music store I got out with 2 cd's of "vive la fête" and the "beastie boys anthology", let's say 2 cd of disco and one of hip hop. (ok, at 19euro the 4 cd it was a bargain)
I discovered hard rock when I was about 10 but what I really loved was hard core, but harcore didn't exist in 1981 so I got into punk rock

then I got into new wave and after punk (this video sucks according to robert smith)

and what could be condsidered as gothic now.
then grunge came along and I loved nirvana and sonic youth (no video needed I guess)
then I mixed hardcore, grunge, goth and my fascination for motors and found out about
white zombie.

now I did have a couple of troubled years, but how I got from white zombie, sonic youth, the subways, nashville pussy, and the mummies to the beastie boys, ladytron and vive la fête is a total mystery.
mabe I'm just growing soft. whaddayathink?

but I really love vive la fête, they're total nihilistic and into cars and bikes
does that remind you about someone?...

samedi 25 août 2007


starting point for this one was "les visiteurs du soir" (The Devil's Envoys)
An old and highly poetic french movie, written by Jacques Prevert and directed by Marcel Carne. I hope you can catch it on TV sometime late at night, in the original version, with the scratches and softened noises covering the music of the original french text. The movie features two devil's emissaries coming on earth to play some evil tricks to the human heart, using their power to make fun of all love and feelings the poor living creatures have to endure. It also is a strong metaphore of the german Occupation and french collaborator govnerment as it was produced during WWII.
The picture of course also has a lot to do with Fuseli 's Nightmare

So. I guess I've been enough of a snotty artfag for today haven't I.
hope this one gives you nightmares.

samedi 18 août 2007


ok, I lied.

I made a recording of the steps that lead to this illustration.
You can find a flash screen with controls on my website

enjoy your week end - week - holliday - whatever and thank you for leaving a comment.


been busy on friday night

and this morning my whole body feels like rusted steel and my head hurts.
can't think about anything.

seriously thinking about giving up.

mercredi 15 août 2007

fun with stats

here are some of the latest referal searches topics as reported by the counter on this page...
- a saudi resident searching for "beatch underwear"
- a load of "but ah forget my fate" (thank's uncle purcell)
- "sit on his face" 2007 -she -her -girl (???!)
- richard kern
- "wich was the first motorcycle ever to go in production"
- spourt

note that some land here only because of my poor spelling.
I'll try to update the funniest google searches.
Or maybe I'll just had some meta files with regular topics, probably mostly p$rn words...

mardi 14 août 2007

Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do

back at the office in 3 days.
do you believe me if I tell you the dreams of concentration camps and prisons/schools are back?
And still, I have one of the coolest funiest easiest job in the world.

but what difference does it make?

samedi 11 août 2007

30 - emergency

This Higlhy modified type II van is used for emergency ice cream delivery on some of the hottest part of the beach at the midi sound of "bridge over river kwai". It is activated by a team of Higly trained top of the class personnal.
wearing pink bikinis of course.

sorry, no kitty cutie cat with their leg broken :P

vendredi 3 août 2007


don't ask me. it's the image that got into me today.
consider it my tribute to joaquin Sorolla.

maybe art is just the way our brain protects us from facing reality and dealing with those we really miss.
write your own story on that one and please post it as a comment. that could be fun.
sort of.
enjoy your summer.

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...