samedi 26 juillet 2008

IF #80 - canned - (slightly edited)

it's the first day of my holidays and I'm lazy.
and late. today I'm riding full east to germany and back.
tomorrow we're riding full west to france and to the sea. then drop our bags. at last.

jeudi 24 juillet 2008

in your car

Today is a beautifull day. meteo-wize anyway.
So I drove the car to work. don't ask.
It struck me to see all those guyz in big company car stuck up the butt of my ratmobile, the sun allowed to clearly see their faces in my mirror. well… their parody of faces.
Poor creatures. who do those people thing they are ?! each salaryman that finally passed me with his mummy's face put a smile on mine and I turned my head to see them pass.
One had the expression of steven seagall but the sun glasses of lolita. I swear.
They all stood oblique in their big airconditionned black company cars with their sunglasses like statues, like anything but a human being. "get out of my way, your blocking my heroïc run towards socio economical stereotypes and the achievment of my carreer as a persecutor."

Of course, they NEED to be stuck up the butt of another car like they had a priority pass, because, eh, I guess being the north european sales representative executive for the second larger aluminium ladder company probably gives you certain rights. or maybe they thinks they look like bruce willis.
Eh, DUDE, big news, bruce willis probably doesn't drive a leased volvo at 8 in the morning.
Or maybe they just need to hugh someone, in a very twisted mannish manner.

Then there is the ex prettiest girl of the office, who notices that you looked at her in the mirror, so she looks into hers, not sure hos to react. playing with her hairs to look sexy, just in case, but locking the doors, just in case.

I had a lot of fun. once. ok. I'll ride the bike for the rest of the week, then … ROADTRIP !!
Maybe my job doesn't stink so much in the end.

samedi 19 juillet 2008

79 IF-enough

let's play NAME THAT MOVIE again :

Here's a hint;
I've had enough of dancehalls
I've had enough of pills
I've had enough of streetfights
I've seen my share of kills
I'm finished with the fashions
And acting like I'm tough
I'm bored with hate and passion
I've had enough of trying to love.

no googling allowed. winner takes me to dinner.
and here's the solution

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

78 foggy

4 times winner of the superbike championship.

sorry I'm late. I was away for a few days.
road trip was fun. still youtube refuses to process most of my videos for some reason.

weather was excellent, cars were fantastics, food was horrible and french people still don't know how to use a toilet properly.
less alone how to clean it. smells of holliday will involve toilets stinks for some time. and gasoline.
On the other hand, a late evening dinner on a table outside at arnage with a couple of good friends is a feast for all senses. Classic cars constantly raoring around the streets, the food and drinks, the lights...

samedi 5 juillet 2008

77 sour

after a long hot day on the road, I'll lick the sour taste of leather off your skin then we'll sleep, hungry but satisfied, the happyness of not being here anymore, and not being there yet either

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...