mardi 16 juin 2015

Commercial work from the last 6 month

Here are some of our commercial work done the last month with Robert Paquet and Tanja Cinna, regrouped as the Studio paKap.

Concept art for "British Gangsters" a soon to come video game and comic book written by Sébastion Lasserre.

Ma friend Cactus uses our work for his  formation modules, despite a contestable taste for typefaces and colors ;)

Pirate flag for our friends at Cerberus Motorcycles

The Ducati forum  wanted to acknowledge their Friend George one last time with this personalized T-Shirt.

interesting project of adhesive protection for a Kawasaki GTR1400 (concours) with our friends from  OTM.
we can create individual adhesive protection, as shown place in the last photo

Our friends at  Bulles de Mantes  recommended us to the french train company for this poster celebrating the beginning of the contruction work at the Mantes la Jolie train station

A flemish learning book with the fanstatic colors by Tanja Cinna for Van In publishing.

I also worked with my friend Andre, at TheBlueLemon on the visuals of the website, where you can see the creations of my companion Cloe Van Peborgh.

Robert Paquet is developing his own comic novels projects

Illustrations by my co-worker Robert Paquet, a Ferrari at Francorchamps...
 ... and a Lotus at Monthlery

More to come, still confidential.

(A suivre...)

Adios Illo Friday

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