mercredi 29 décembre 2010


It's been snowing for so long already I can't remember for how long and i'm starting to really miss my bikes. I miss my dangerous mid 80's oil spitting thunder and noise from hell. I even miss my ugly practical black plastic trusty geisha.
I miss being able to lay my eyes on something that I know I never laid my eyes on before.

or something.

vendredi 17 décembre 2010


can you do this ? I can't.

procrastinating this morning. I think I'll take this friday laid back. go for a long
walk in the snow, I'm working too hard.

mardi 14 décembre 2010

The e-cards christmas thread

Hi fellow viewers. I have to apologise but 120% of my time has been dedicated to work on the 2 graphic novel I must finish before December 2011. Long enjoyable working days alone in my office, listening to music and watching snow fall on the square.
Still, I managed to take some time to work on this year's wishes cards. use them !
I even have a printable version if you want to actually send one, just ask ...

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...