lundi 29 décembre 2008

illustration monday

this one is called Seafood and I have NO IDEA what it is alla bout. I'm just home on a monday having leffe blonde and playing around the computer.

samedi 27 décembre 2008

101-clandestine - redux with redemption

the cutie kitty cat down under is the original post. it sucks so much I really think you deserve another one...


Beware of the clandestine readhead hiding in the shadow.. ahahahhmmm

yeah I know, I'm ashamed I fell into the cuttie kitty category this week but it was the only positive idea I had. (I hate sordid realism)
cats. years ago this little red hair clandestine creature imposed herself into our home, she's stoopid, she pukes a lot and she falls from the furniture when she falls asleep. she was thrown out of the window of a flat at the back of our garden after one of her room mate came out of prison.
problem is we only have two pair of knees so arsouille the big black ball of meet and fur and iris the tiny single canine grey ball of softness don't see her with too much comprehension.
but everybody falls for a hot redhead with a lack of affection in the end.

and since it's THAT part of the year, happy new year everyone, may 2009 be made of honey and coco milk.

samedi 20 décembre 2008


who would have thought. maybe I need a life.

is this a happy christmass or a sad illustration? you tell me, leave a comment.

and since this is the season... merry christmass everybody !

samedi 13 décembre 2008

99 Rambunctious illustration friday

** RIP Bettie Page **

As you can easily imagine, I'm far from rambunctious myself. as much as I hate loud talkers, I have a morbid affection for the kind of girls who can enter a room and smash it into pieces like a ball of napalm by their only presence, even if the more formal assistance fail to see their beauty and the true sophistication of the rebellion they often try to bring out into the world.

rock 'n roll women kick ass !

thank you so much for all the lovely comment you people left lately, they go right to my heart.

samedi 6 décembre 2008

98-similar - Illustration Friday

sometimes you get stuck on the wrong side of the mirror.
the snow only stopped to let an endless curtain of rain fall.

I want to move to california and become a famous nose art artist. can you help me ?

funny thing is this week I worked for both Indian Motorcycle and Harley-Davidson.
can you say carreer achievment award ?
someday I might even get paid for my work. who knows.

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...