samedi 27 décembre 2008

101-clandestine - redux with redemption

the cutie kitty cat down under is the original post. it sucks so much I really think you deserve another one...


Beware of the clandestine readhead hiding in the shadow.. ahahahhmmm

yeah I know, I'm ashamed I fell into the cuttie kitty category this week but it was the only positive idea I had. (I hate sordid realism)
cats. years ago this little red hair clandestine creature imposed herself into our home, she's stoopid, she pukes a lot and she falls from the furniture when she falls asleep. she was thrown out of the window of a flat at the back of our garden after one of her room mate came out of prison.
problem is we only have two pair of knees so arsouille the big black ball of meet and fur and iris the tiny single canine grey ball of softness don't see her with too much comprehension.
but everybody falls for a hot redhead with a lack of affection in the end.

and since it's THAT part of the year, happy new year everyone, may 2009 be made of honey and coco milk.

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