vendredi 28 mars 2008

63 homage *edited*

Yawn. My head hurts.
awaken by a well known domestic migraine, I had plenty of time to think about who I could pay an homage to.
TAZIO NUVOLARI, the fastest man on earth. you google and learn something by yourself, but nuvolari began his racing career on a motorbike, his only reason to live was racing and winning. He drove his car around a track with the steering wheel off, drove throught the night of the mille miglia at 100mph (average, on moutain dirt roads) without his headlights on to surprise his competitors, another year his ferrari fell bit by bit but he kept flooring it until he had to sit on a bag of oranges after his seat broke down, he drove grand prix with fractured vertebreas, beat the german war machines on their race track with an older slower alfa romeo, although known to spend more time in the hospital than in his car, he just never gave up.

Mr. nine digited yankee, here's your first french lesson.
Alain Bashung has been around since 1979. He's one of the first singer that made french songs evolve from traditionnal to a more anglo-american flavored music.
I do not have any other records than his very first 45, but I just like his latest song, and it's a special private joke to someone I love whom I sent the first song last night, quote "you shouldn't leave me alone at night".
chais pas pas pas pas
Un jour je t'aimerai moins,
one day I will love you less
jusqu'au jour où je ne t'aimerai plus..
untill one day I will not love you anymore
Un jour je sourierai moins,
one day I will smile less
jusqu'au jour où je ne sourierai plus...
untill one day I will smile no more
Un jour je parlerai moins,
one day I will speak less
jusqu'au jour où je ne parleras plus...
untill one day I will speak no more
Un jour, je courirai mois,
one day I will run less
jusqu'au jour où je ne courirai plus...
untill one day i will run no more
Hier on se regardait à peine, c'est à peine si l'on se penchait.
yesterday we hardly looked at each other, we hardly just leant
Aujourd'hui nos regards sont suspendus, résidents, résidents de la république.
today our stares are suspended, residents, residents of the replubic
où le rose à des reflets de bleu.
where pink has glints of blue

vendredi 21 mars 2008

62 pet peeves

the constant anoying humming was less a threat to my sanity since I decided to work with ear plugs. but she had to spread fat all over my keyboard again.
if this freak of nature can't stop eating biscuits or can't wash her hands once in a while (like, say... once a day?) it was down to me to take some radical measures.. again.
why do I always have to do everything in this company ?!

I just can't stand to have a greasy keyboard and mouse.

one day, one day, I think...

samedi 15 mars 2008

61 heavy


her name is Evy Load. kids can be so cruel. she lives in Manchester. Her dad died when she was 12. Her mom spends too much time at the pub and brings men home. She enjoy to listen to morrissey, the cardigans and has a few posters of robbie williams.
when she's home alone and bored, she reads Françoise Sagan in french even if she has to skip a word here and there. Sometimes she talks to her teddy bear, but never out loud. She has no room for anger, sadness already takes too much space.
she doesn't do sarcasm.

samedi 8 mars 2008

60 garden

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, queen Amitys was slowly wasting away. she missed the mountains and forest of her native land in the arid kingdom of her husband.
For her love, her husband the mighty king Nebuchadnezzar II built one of the seventh wonder of the world. the hanging gardens of babylon.
in a time when the rest of the world was only crawling out of prehistory, the rich and magnificiant city of babylon was shining at its peak of culture and beauty.

Babylon... 55 miles south bagdad.

Adios Illo Friday

After almost a year without post, I hereby officially declare this blog DEAD. You can scroll though my work on my webpage at www.papazogla...