samedi 30 mai 2009


it's that time of the year when people start to hit the road and change their habit for a few weeks. I'm not moving. end of the journey, stopped searching. my energy will be spent adapting to the hic e nunc.

projects for the 3 day week-end: watch the sun come up while working, go get some breakfast (I was thinking chocolate croissants for her, maybe smoked salmon or italian ham for me), walk a lot today, ride a lot tomorrow, meet friends, have drinks, see skeptical minds live again.
"skeptical minds" rocks :)

*edit* we took this video on sunday's night gig. published with permission.
the cello player is my brother's daughter.

last night I won tikets for the "men without pants" show at the beautifull place called le botanique. I knew that they only offer tikets when there's not enough sales. there were twice as much people in the audience that there were on stage. what a shame for what you could consider a super-group. they only played for half an hour but who could blame them. I can say I know the feeling.

dimanche 10 mai 2009

and the 7th day...

i went for a long ride and a long long lonely walk in the woods; it was very romantic.
my legs hurt, my butt hurt, I can see a good night sleep coming for a change.

samedi 9 mai 2009

10.15 on a saterday night

today I shook hands with 2 people I'd much rather spit in the eye. why? just because I thought it would make them feel good. pitty.
and spent lots of time with family and surprisingly enjoyed it.

samedi 2 mai 2009

IF3Y-14 - Hierarchy

this topic is unispiring.
at my job I'm at the bottom of the food chain. i'm the one that comes in the office first in the morning and leave last, if I don't turn the lights on, nobody does. I take the garbage out, change the light bulbs. not that it is my job, just that I though it would be natural, but in the end, the others just take advantage of my commitment.
I work in an environment where ignorance and self indulgence are promoted. nowadays the trend is to go "I have NO idea, don't worry and just ask xtian, he'll find something, sorry, have to go out early, kids you know... bye **SLAM!**"
In this context, as a professionnal, I did a series of outside jobs lately, I thought I'd share... mostly photoshops editing.

I also did the colors of the last 15 pages of the book published by my friend Robert paquet.
none of these really paid, but it was an exchange of services, will help to produce more work, develop new markets and maybe come out to something. I had to go into the mourning of my carreer as a comic creator lately anyway. wrong place wrong time. and most of my time is spent finding a new home for my old mom who sold her house a few days ago or learning web softwares if I ever need to find another job.
eh... life.

Adios Illo Friday

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