mardi 4 septembre 2012


So, I haven't been here for a while. First I had a lot of work to finish the volume 2 of our book to come out in the end of october, then I took a few days of rest for a motorcycle trip in the swiss alps.
I'm a new man with an old wacom. I still cannot get myself to look "through" the screen. I can look through the sheet of paper, but I only look "AT" the screen.

4 commentaires:

  1. That's interesting. You'd think it would be the same thing, but it's not, is it? Weird. I hadn't thought of that. But great illustration!

  2. Motorcycle trip in the Swiss Alps! Holy cow you are a daring adventurer. Love this image! Beautiful light quality.

  3. Thank you Cindy. Is that the bitter sweet taste of irony that I sense ? :D

  4. I love these expressions. beautiful execution too!


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