vendredi 30 janvier 2009

IF3Y01 - flawed

aw, u're sweet. I'm sorry, I didn't intended this poll to turn into an ego rubbing session.
let's go on then.

this week I did a few sketches around an idea inspired by this wonderfull book by chuck palahniuk I'm currently reading. other than that I have A LOT of work and I'm not sure i'll have time to do something with the wacom this week end, and on the other hand, the sketch doesn't look so bad, does it ?

maybe I'll post a color digital version later this week


just post a quote from the above mentionned book around that picture and I send you this drawing. we ship worldwide. I can't post the quote myself because my edition is in french.
losers. that was "rant"
“Chasing him, I forget I have a bum arm and leg. I forget that half my face can’t smile. Chasing him, I’m not an orphan or a girl. I’m not a Nighttimer with a crummy apartment. The deer ... dodges through traffic, and that’s all I see.”

I have a lot of work then, and I'm back at working more and more and sleeping less, slowly back into this familiar mood when you couldn't tell without a clock if it's 10 am or 4 pm if your life depended. I'm doing a lot of coloring for a friend so at the end of the day, I look at colors on the walls like I'd look at colors for the first time in my life or as if I was on drugs.
Trazodonumhydrochloridum is my new best friend anyway.

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