samedi 3 mars 2007

07-HIDE !

blame it on the wind that I can hear blowing outside as I haven't open the shutters yet, blame it on the fact that I still feel like I haven't sleep for days but still cannot stay in bed for more than 5 hours in a row, but I felt like doing something softer this week-end. I'll be back to be the cynical me next week hopefully. in the meanwhile, you write the story of this one yourself, and I'll go and wash my bike.
OH OK, I CHEATED, I used a pencil and paper to skecth the posture, and then some others sources for the light, hope you don't mind.

7 commentaires:

  1. No I don't mind! It looks great.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Wonderful illustration. The white squiggles are really effective. Makes it seem that this person is overwhelmed by noise and color. Well done.

  3. it doesn't need a text story.. and maybe that's the best complement to the artist? : )

  4. Very interesting drawing. Like the purple!

  5. Wow I love it. Sometimes I feel like that too. What is the signifigance of May 9th?

  6. @mishka:
    none... just an old poster on the wall. sometimes things turn out to have no reason or meaning at all, don't they?


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