dimanche 9 septembre 2007

fun with stats revisited

update of the strangest - funniest google searches that lead to this page

- a saudi resident searching for "beatch underwear"
- a load of "but ah forget my fate" (thank's uncle purcell)
- "sit on his face" 2007 -she -her -girl (???!)
- richard kern
- "wich was the first motorcycle ever to go in production"
(actually I deleted that post in the meantime)
- spourt
- "love the machine" poem (I'd like to hear that one too)
- a bunch of "the devil will find work for idle hands to do"
- "who invented scanners?" (my answer was "GEEKS")
- polar bear moons coca (that's a strange combo)
- illustration about late (need an excuse pal?)
- couch bed illustration
- screaming in exctasy

if someone had told me one day my illo blog would come first when googeling "screaming in extasy"... thank you all of you for your (repeated) visits ;)

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