lundi 24 septembre 2007

A -> Z the movies

A to Z is my new hobby. keeps me busy in the bath tub, in traffic, keeps me alienated.

a apocalypse now
b blade runner
c crazy larry dirty mary
d dead man
e element of crime
f faster pussycat kill kill
g gun crazy
h hana-bi
i in the mood for love
j jules et jim
k king of the mountain
l lost in translation
m mad max
n night of the living dead
o on any Sunday (challenge1)
p pirats of the carebeans
q quiet american
r raising arizona
s stranger than paradise
t texas chainsaw massacre
u underground
v vanishing point
w wild at heart
x x-men 1,5 (really, how many movies in X?!)
y y tu mama tambien
z zombie brigade

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