dimanche 29 juillet 2007

28 - MOON

Incidentally, there is a blue moon on monday july 30th. that is ... tomorrow.

Friday night, I slept in a little hotel in the middle of the woods in the french mountains, on my way back from a week on the road. I couldn't see the Haut-Koenigsbourg castel from my window, but it was there, watching on us a few miles ahead on the dead end road. the nature around the hotel was desperatly quiet, you could not hear a single sound coming from the forest, even if you would hold your breath as long as you could. from my room's window, I could see the circular disk of the moon holding my gaze. silent, expressionles.
I could not sleep that night. too quiet. I cannot sleep without the sound of a road, a factory, an expressway, an airport, a scooter passing in the horizon or a tv next room. I'm a garbage city kid.
finnally, I fell asleep for a short moment, only to wake up screaming around 2 am after a dream of pursuit, torture, trephanations, and feline monters.
on the plus side, I finished to read the book I brought with me that night.

never again will I eat that much sauerkraut, sausages and fat pork before I go to sleep. have a nice blue moon week.

4 commentaires:

  1. that has a real moonlight feel to it.

  2. nothing like pork inspired art love the illo0 it has a great moon glow

  3. magical! lovely work! and funny tho from where you get your inspiration..

  4. very poetic! I love it.
    I see you thought of something. I have been working on a children's book called "Mr. moon" so I didn't want to draw a new one... and I can't post what I did!


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