vendredi 28 décembre 2007

50 soar

"soar"?! what does that mean?!
there isn't even a word for "soar" in french!!

for illo friday #50 I changed the rules and didn"t use the wacom. I feel like I came to an end with the wacom. Like I know now how to deal with it.

note: I had to invert the picture as I usually write in mirror. so the model/support can read it right in a mirror.

now where did I read that our natural state is eternal non existance and our passage
on earth is nothing but a small brutal temporary emergence into a non natural state of existence ?

lately, most of the time while having conversation with customers or bank managers, my only though is I wish i could go back to the quiet non existence state I deserve because obviously I wasn't really manufactured for this refrigerate state some call life.

most of the time I wish my rage and anger would soar out of me and take on the world and cure all my frustration and sadness. like a sparkling demon rushing thru the top of my head.
thanks god for alcohol and fast motorcycles, even thou I almost died 3 times today riding mine for the first time in a week , it was in intense moment of joy.
faute de merle, on mange des grives.

oh, you'll laugh when you'll know that *soar*, if you pronounce it the french way litterally says "soir", "evening" in french.
happy new year. hurray for 54° rhum.

2 commentaires:

  1. very nice work,i like your stylE.
    congratolations and keep the good work.

  2. This is really cool and a little scary.
    Happy New Year.


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