vendredi 13 juin 2008

two lane black top

to my great surprise, as i went to to the shop to find a gift for one of my goddaughters, I came out with the 2DVD box od TWO LANE BLACK TOP and spent the evening watching that really amazing movie again for a 60th time.
with every hair on my back erected.

I think that movie, with Vanishing point and Crazy larry Dirty mary kept me out of the european graphic novel circuit for the last 25 years; now that some of those movie are considered as cult and get the credit that they diserve (and that everybody working on them died) maybe it's time I get back to work and start communicate with publishers about my work again. eh... waht work.. ?! I've been working as a carpenter for the last 3 month.

friday illo if i get some time with the wacom

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