samedi 21 juin 2008


of course, it's easier for me those weeks when I don't ahve to go and look into a english to french disctionnary what the topic is about, but at least it's not a cuddly cutty stereotype and thank you for that.

a couple of persons (and by couple I mean 2) seemed interested in my how-to videos so I made another one. the bad thing is I'm afraid making the videos forces me somehow to slow down and over-do the images so I lose a lot of the spontaneous quality that makes a good picture, hence i'm not so glad about this weeks illo, but it's a constructive experiment with layers, light and texture.

this and I got to draw a butt.
enjoy your solsctice week end. i usually make a long motorcycle ride on june 21rst with my gang and it usually ends in a late dinner after sunset, but the bike is out of my garage this week end for maintenance, alas.

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