samedi 5 mai 2007


this has been a very hard subject for me because our nowadays neighbors are sh*theads.
some use broken glas and nailed wood plates to hurt our cats, some dispose their trash in front of our house, both regularily wake us up in the middle of the night, or scream like hysterical monkeys in their garden the whole day on sundays.
and I try not to use hate, frustration or disgust in my work. In general, I just try to ignore anything that doesn't fit my conception of life and keep it out of my world. not adding horror to the surronding inferno.

a few years ago, we were living in this small appartments building. one night our upstairs neighbor came home late at night with a girl. I could hear them run up the stairs, then throw around their shoes (bump, bump... bump... blong) and have a noisy session of the wildest sex I could picture by the sounds they produced. for a couple of weeks on, we could hear them run up the stairs laughing at any hour of the day or night and shag the whole house screaming in exctasy. disturbing.
at the same period, the downstairs neigbhbor once came up to meet us, we had a couple of drinks... a couple of bottles actually, then he confessed they sometimes listened to us having a go above their heads. disturbing.
almost 2 am now and my head hurts really bad. probably the best I can do for this week. sorry. you can't win all the time.
have a sexy week end.

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  1. No need to apologize. i thoroughly enjoyed every word and picture you conjured in my mind, and the one you drew here. You gave me a good chuckle, actually. This is so typlically apartment living. Hope yours gets better.


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