samedi 12 mai 2007


couldn't come up with anything decent about citrus.
it's a cold steel blade grey saterday with an infinite perspective of rain in a grey little country. heard there were citrus trees in spain but what do I know, I've never been to spain.
I recently discovered the ultimate secret for the perfect margarita.
it's the pulco©® lime juice.
that's how close I can get to citrus today.
1 portion pulco lime
1 portion orange juice
2 portion tequila
2 portion water
lots of ice. enjoy.

Tried to find some Daniel Darc on youtube and found this

an original song from Charle Aznavour sung by Daniel Darc.
from the movie "Mauvais sang", it is called "parce que".
yeah right.

Car la mort n'est qu'un jeu comparée à l'amour
Et la vie n'est plus rien sans l'amour qu'elle nous donne

enjoy your week end

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