vendredi 27 avril 2007

15- remember

these topics are not accidental are they?
tonight, as I was scratching the wacom I had a phone call from my uncle.
He lives a hundred miles from here. He taught me everything I know about art.
He got me out of soccer and heavy metal to bring me to auteur movies and modern music. and art. museums. beauty. he taught me phil glass and steve reich, blade runner and the wall.

so, today I remember my uncle roger, my mom's youngest brother.

about the illo:
at that day, one of those 3 or 5 moments of total happiness.
this one includes a 3 hours ride thru corsica's best coast road, a plate of pasta with sea fruits (not that good actually), a turquoise bikini, a walk on the beach, pink mountains, and
a fat girlfriend
this will sound as a surprise for the accidental viewers but I'm a very melancholic sensitive type of drunkyard.
have a nice week end.

4 commentaires:

  1. I think you mean you want to tell your Uncle he made your life
    "worth while", not "worthless" right? But you did say you were drunk.
    Nice illo, nice tribute :)

  2. yes. thank you. edited.
    a certain level of drunkness reach, I should just stay away from computers :/

  3. Thanks for sharing your powerful, tragic story, and your illustration. I hope things find a way of working out.

  4. love the beautiful reflection


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