samedi 21 avril 2007


don't let them fool you. polar bears are bastards.
They kill seals with their bare hands and eat them.
Polar bears were NOT invented by god to sell coke at the north pole. that's marketing, you are watching too much TV. polar bears eat their kids. they'll sneak into your room and bite your feet off while you sleep. they piss on the ice floe. they behead baby pinguins.
that's life. one second you're part of the world, next thing you know, you're left overs on the perimter of a plate after lunch. and all you have left to do is listen to mazzy star and dream about the time you were a baby pinguin. sucks.

"polar" is the french word used for detective stories and "film noir" stories with cops and generally depressing moods and people killing eatch others. it comes from "police" as motard comes from moto and connard comes from con.
so. you learned a few valuable lessons and I managed to spend a couple of sleepless hours between night and day.
see you next week, unless your head gets bitten off first.

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow your tough on Polar Bears! They're just trying to survive in a harsh'd probably eat almost anything too in the same circumstance. Better to kill in person with your own hands than to kill slowly from a distance with carbon emissions.

  2. ah, nice! you've captured the bear's fieceness, wildness, and strength beautifully... and i love the motion of the line.

  3. Awsome. Great. I love it.
    Thanks god for the wacom.

  4. quote
    "they behead baby pinguins"

    LOL... when exactly do they do this? When they are on holiday in Africa perhaps???
    Penguins and Polar Bears never meet in the wild, they are generally on opposite poles of the earth, with a few Penguins also living in warmer climates too.

    Nice imagination though!

  5. eh... i'm sure they'd take the chance if they could.
    ok. maybe not baby pinguins.
    but, you know... bears don't fly either, and they don't wear scarves. that doen't seem to bother anyone. what do yo people hold against pinguins in the end? :P

  6. How fierce! Yes they're vicious animals - but hey, they're on top of the food chain. Always liked carnivores better anyways. Hehe. I love your drawing :-D


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