dimanche 26 juillet 2009

IF3Y - 26 IDLE

of course my first though went to the idle engine of my motorcycle as I put my gloves on and watch the garage door come down before a long ride, but motorcycles are not that fun to draw in the end.
I still need to work the lines on the wacom. the thing is you cannot carry the wacom into next room to use a life model so I'm stuck in my office in front of the computer, alone, with my fantasy. i'm embarrassed that pictures made without model look so much like they're a copy of some life scene and that life scenes look so much like photos. there's some serious lack of style in that statement.

check out LAST WEEK'S CONTEST you can still win some funny roller pen drawing. we ship worldwide if you find the name of the movie.

other than that, I'm on a hollyday for a couple of weeks. not really idle. lots of projects. I just wish I could get paid as arranged rather than having so many happy customers and being broke again. I'm taking legal action against some of them. screw them.

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