dimanche 5 juillet 2009

IF2Y23 - shaky

I'm in a not so much artistic mood this week.
yesterday morning I went for a little ride on my bike (about 260miles) and it felt so smooth and soft and I enjoyed my cheap invisible bike so much up and down the forest roads passing everything on the road like a dream on a flying carpet, I can't see why anyone would want to ride an over expensive noisy shaky tractor instead and claim that his has caracter and mine has an dull automobile engine, when all in all, his as faults and mine is a sharp tool to cut the world in half, his is painfully slow and mine is practically fast. I used to dream about bikes with automobile engines in the end of the seventies. kz1300 anytime you want.
my front tyre is worn and smooth as a baby's butt now, i hope it can last untill the end of the month. who cares.

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