vendredi 9 février 2007


this is no D*sney land. You want snow white, you go somewhere else.

excerpt from "crash", a novel by J.G. ballard:
"The crushed body of the sportscar had turned her into a being of free and perverse sexuality, releasing within its dying chromium and leaking engine-parts, all the deviant posibilities of her sex."

music by LA MUERTE -"l'essence des chocs"

I first begun to work on some very very boring image with lots of vectors, then just started scratching the godamn wacom like a disturbed kid. strange textures in the end.
Beginning to get somewhere with this thing. It would have been a hundred times easier with a pen a few watercolors tho. still express how I feel just tonight "comme un suicidé à qui la vie revient par ces blessures mêmes qui lui furent fatales"

have a nice week-end

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