dimanche 18 février 2007

05- gravity

sorry for the delay, i spent the week end in paris, visiting the mesopotamian/assyrian collections at the Louvre museum (remember the davinci code?) http://www.louvre.fr

I met some really good friend there who didn't give any credit to some poor poor joke from some poor poor person (you know who you are, b*tch)


there was something romantic and gloomy to do about gravity as in "solemnity" and the transcendance of gravity as a physic force nailing us on the ground... then I've been thinking about gravity and the way it interferes with my life in some ways. and you know what ? gravity is fun.

riding a bike wouldn't be fun without gravity. riding a sport bike is using gravity for the force and fun it can bring. it's using gravity agains't itself. It's stealing the physic forces of the universe for your own fun. gravity also sculpts our bodies and makes then have a weight, tension, force, and give function a form. in this sens, gravity is a source of endless beauty and poetry at the edge of a constant catastrophy. gravity, by the way our bodies interact and fights against it is a source of aerial grace. in bikes as it is in boobies.

all that once stood aerial and confident in its own streghts will some day fall and crash on the floor. enjoy it while it last. this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

one thing I noticed in Paris, is they have a lot more bikes than we do, mostly mid sized engine roadsters with rider and passenger. and a lot of girls too.

I'm still obsessed with bikes and girls, and anyway, this is my world. Only I can decide. and I decided it's better than being obsessed with colanders and sleepers, or brocolis and spatulas or whatever.

have a nice day.
OH, btw, riding in tank top is bad. our character here just sliped her helmet on to move the bike a few feet away while eating lunch at a table outside. (seafruit pastas)

4 commentaires:

  1. Nice justification about the helmet!
    I was kind of uninspired this week.
    I really love this one.

  2. Nice image!

    Though i'm finding it hard to know what it's got to do with gravity... *Maybe her bre... ah forget it.


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