samedi 28 février 2009

IF3Y - 05 - BREEZY

Breezy Stories was a pulp magazine in the 40's (when girls had curves) or so it seems.
can you believe the blackbird singing outside the house is keeping me awake at night?
been up for 2 hours now and still an hour and a half before I can go and buy some breakfast. this is going to be a long saterday.

9 commentaires:

  1. Very nice illo! Love the vintage design!

  2. Excellent stuff, love the video too, great work.

  3. That was an amazing video of the process! Yes, they did seem to have curves, what happened? Fabulous illustration!

  4. Wow, great use of illustration within a layout. Lovely!

  5. love it!

    i remember your work
    because you put loads of effort into
    it, and I appreciate that, its awesome..

  6. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par son auteur.

  7. Hi,
    For a second I thought this was an actual cover, though the likes of which I've never seen on a Breezy (and I've seen dozens of issues. You did a great job aging this. I'd love to see you do one in the Bolles style.


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