vendredi 13 février 2009

IF3Y-03 - celebrate

hurray, hurray alleluilla for Penelope and Colin's baby born.
we're celebrating the venue to this world of a new smelly sausage.
I'm not good in sausages but I bet in 2 years from now it will start talking, in 4 years it will start to go to school, maybe, just maybe in 30 years it will find a job.
then maybe in 40 years from now it will be sitting in front of its computer, sick of the wacom, sick of the computer, sick of the screen, with a diyng lust for some real skin under its finger, some good soft orange skin and some perfumed hair to dive its nose into.
alleluilla little sausage, welcome to this endless winter called life.

correct me if I'm wrong but i think little pagan angels are called putos, or amour (love). these are thick putos with tits celebrating the venue of the new born sausage. blah blah blah...

6 commentaires:

  1. yeah well it might!! it took me almost 10 minutes and now i find myself with a box of 20 watersoluble pencils and 23 pencils... :/

  2. the posture and the lines are so fluid and nice...very cute!
    and congratulations to Penelope and Colin...
    is it a boy or a girl?

  3. Beautifully drawn. Maybe a good long run in the fresh air?

  4. i think it's a cool image, a little sausage will appreciate it one day :)


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