samedi 19 avril 2008

66 primitive

Primitive colors - CMYK - Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (K because black is not blue)
Primitive painters is the word we use for flemish painters
pale complexion ladies that solemnly look you into the eyes without a single spark of life, as to remind you that painting has nothing sacred but is just a tool to keep a memory of the loved one after they died, wich happened more often than nowadays.
you could write a book about the arnolfini's wedding.
several already were to describe how it invented the perspective as a window to the world, were the eye is the key element. an antropocentrist relation between the eye and the reality, the human as the center of the world, and of human as the center of art. no god. life and death. mostly death. cyan magenta yellow black. mostly black.

I defenetly let go the 20/20 square image to work in a wallpaper size, it forces me to be less narrative and more decorative. kind of shut up and make some art.
eh. time for a motogp DVD and a lasagna.

note the magenta screen on that one ...

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