vendredi 15 mars 2013


If there is someone out there in the cold void of the internet witnessing these years of endless frustration and failure, behold, a new era in Illo Friday, the Manga Studio years ! The Manga Studio 5 I bought is a lot more complex than the Manga Studio 4 that I tried and experimented the last couple of days, so I still have to fiddle with all the options and functions, but it transformed the feeling of the Wacom (only an Intuos, not even a fancy Cintiq) and brush like inking became suddenly so much easier. I don't think this page ever brought me any job, but here I am now, ready to enter the wonderful world of professional overpaid visual communication. We're working on a project right now to be honest. More soon.

On other good news, this week, in book-stores, my 4rth comic book since I was fired exactly 3 years ago, so I have a lot of happy F$ck you to say to people who thought I would never again do anything without them, and an even bigger lots of thank you for my publisher, readers, friends, helping colleagues, and many people that I had the chance to meet along this extraordinary turn of events.
The book is called "Harry Octane 2 - Virage Mystique" and I don't think it will ever be translated in english, unlike the other series I'm working on, and which should be available in english in September.

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will enjoy mine even if the snow is still blocking the mighty english bike in the garage...

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  1. I'm still working in Photoshop CS6 - Does Manga Studio work similarly, or completely different?
    I work on both Intuos3 and Cintiq. I've been using Sketchbook Pro, but find I jump back to Photoshop for color. Painter... Sometimes I use painter for Inking comics; good brushes in Painter.

  2. Hi Z. M-S is far less efficient for image editing, but it is all totally oriented towards comic book rendering, inking, panneling, lettering, easy draft layering, and all sorts of effects that are only usefull for stricly oriental manga books, so yes, I guess the perfect world is a combination of both Manga Studio and Toshop. The inking option are working well in particular. Sketchbook stands in between, with no image editing tools, fuzzy interface, but easier inking options than Photoshop.


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