dimanche 28 août 2011


After I spent the last years exercising this new digital tool, then color, then textures, it is time that I learn to use brushes and custom brushes.
Any experience or advice you can give me to teach me and make me a happy bunny ?

Also, I very well could see me travelling the new world next year so who knows ... why not having me participating in your very cool art project ? All a need is a couch somewhere and a few drinks in good society. I am open to suggestions .

3 commentaires:

  1. Heisann!
    Hope you meet one, I'm not the right, sorry, but I think you deal fine with the tools ;:OD)

  2. Xian! Dig the image! I suggest using organic shaped objects to create odd shaped brushes, then start painting. I use items like photos of crystals, odd splotches, etc. here are a couple of source materials I've used: http://www.zillustration.com/_images/blogger/zdepski_crystal_brushes.jpg

  3. Thanks yes I saw your post about crystal brushes, Great minds think alike :)
    I'll try that when I can.


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