mardi 7 septembre 2010

IF4Y-23 Dessert

"the poor man's coffee" was an expression that came back regularly when someone in my family was asked what he wanted for dessert. Always made me laugh. still does and I never miss an occasion to use it myself.
I googled it and it seems like a common expression that goes back to the time of the early immigrants or WWII. At the end of the sunday meal, they couldn't afford dessert or coffee. All they could afford was some private good time with the mama.
My family was modest but I thing we always managed to afford coffee.

About desserts and cakes, it was my birthday yesterday. took the day off and rode the bike all day.

About one year ago my boss would let go the first hints that there would be some changes in the studio but he always said that I shouldn't be afraid because things would only grow bigger and better and I would be silly to worry. I worked hard another six month, doing most of my co-workers job in an attempt to make things better for the studio. Six month later he told me that there were some very good news about new deals and partners and he laid me off but it was all for the best and I would benefit from the change in the end. I worked my bum off during my holidays and the 3 month legal notice to finish as much work as I could then I insisted that we'd discuss the new arrangements about our future collaboration. This is when he had to confess that there wouldn't be a future for me in the studio, just a couple of dirty jobs paid less than ever, the equivalent of one month worth of salary. I still don't know if he lied all along or just got trapped in a bad arrangement himself and still don't care but I was devastated and refused the deal.

Another six month later, I am about to have the life I always dreamt I had, about to have publishing contracts with two of the biggest comic book publishing companies around, with people that do not treat me like dirt and seem to appreciate my work. Even if the money won't be as good for a couple of year and we have A LOT of work ahead of us, I can't really say I made the bad decisions and it feels pretty good I must say. call it karma, luck or logical following of a life of dedicated work.

As I read earlier today, life is a kid's dream made true as an adult.
next kid's dream: Burt Reynold's Pontiac.

5 commentaires:

  1. Congratulations! Wishing you much success and new career summits to climb!

  2. Lovely illustration! I love what you wrote with it too! Congratulations!!!

  3. I never heard that expression before. Just goes to show you don't need money to have some fun. Sorry to hear about how things went with your last job, but wishing you all the success at the next adventure!

    Nice photos too. Always interesting to see where other people live.

  4. Very nice paint style, and happy birthday too!

  5. thank you for all the kind words and encouragements. Today I got the green light for a third long time publishing project. together with a few urgent jobs and another couple of side projects, I am now officially in trouble for having too much work to do and it feels mighty good !


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