samedi 16 janvier 2010

IF3Y49 - wilderness

I gave up this silly idea that I don't need pen and paper.
now I need to find a way to merge the lines into the colors. better luck next time.
let's face it, I usually use brushed that cost more than $50, and I order uniball pens by dozens because they are the only one I want to use. It just won't work with a heavy thick plastic wacom pen. not as long as I can't afford something more sophisticated than a volito.

other than that, snow is finally starting to melt but the roads suffered from the month long freezing temperatures. no ride planned yet.

by popular demand (well yes, Rolly IS popular) here is the original pencil scan

3 commentaires:

  1. Hah! I thought I was the only one with a Uniball fetish. Nothing else I've tried ever feels right. And the plastic on plastic of the tablet just feels so off.
    Looks great! I like to see the lines, I may be odd though.

  2. hi! thanks for your comment.

    "la Station indienne" was integrally made with mitsubishi uniballs. In the middle of the book I tried dozens of other ballpens untill I could finally buy a full box of new uniballs. nothing like entering a big shop, ask to see all their ballpens and nod "naa, just not the one I want" :)

    here's the original sketch, I was too lazy to post it yesterday. (it's not ballpen, just pencil)
    I love your last image with the bike by the way. I'm just sick of trying to draw a single line with the wacom.
    maybe I'll try to switch to a bigger model.

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