dimanche 22 novembre 2009

IF3Y43 - music

I think I need a new tablet, or at least a new pen. the wacom has gone hard as steel.
can anyone advise a decent A5 or bigger wacom?

Music fills my live all day long. I'd rather go blind han deaf.
nowadays I can't get that ritournelle out of my head.

4 commentaires:

  1. great idea and great drawing!
    i never used a tablet so i haven't got a clue about that, though :)

  2. Where do the notes arrive in?

    Cool idea! Great simple drawing

  3. There are plenty of other makes of tablet, apart from the uber expensive Wacom ones(!)...

    Probably the other best bet would be either Adesso or Genius. Although, you have to take in to consideration that Wacom are the industry leaders in this product range and therefore their kit will always be better by far.

  4. true. My first tablet was from anoher german manufacturer. uber cheap and huge. The pen never worked, it took me 2 month to get a new one, then it worked again only for a couple of days. Money thrown down the dumpster to make a small economy.
    Eversince I've been convinced that there is a reason wacom has a monopole on the market.


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