dimanche 28 juin 2009

YF3Y-22 - worn

I have a boot fetish

today I found on a flea market a pair of brand new belgian army boots! worn only once in 1971 !!. It will take me a few days/weeks to soften them and adjust them to my feets but then they'll be my daily foot ornament for the next 10 years.
my older pair of army boots is completely worn out and no longuer waterproof after their own 10 years of daily abuse.

I'm pretty worn out myself today. It took us a 15 hours bus trip in a 44 hours day without sleep to witness ysterday's MOTOGP race in Assen and I only managed to get a 4 hours sleep after all that, but it was truly worth every efforts ! the speed and level of control of these men are simply astounding. and I've seen racing before, but nothing that impressive. when can I do it again ?!

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