vendredi 6 mars 2009


this week's topic asked for some good ol' school wacom scratching.
I googled to find some picture with the right pose but ended up sketching it from scratch (a-ha)
I used some of Asja 's wonderfull textures. I suggest you'd visit her art blog.
It's full of splendid photos and paintings.
other than that. well...
I need a beer and a good night sleep. I'll spend the evening listening to the new album by Elysian Fields untill my head spin, and next evening with Elysian Fields.

6 commentaires:

  1. that's great portrait, wonderfully detailed, (intricate, that is )work!
    i'm glad you found such a good use of my textures :)

  2. its beautiful! the details are stunning.

  3. C'est chouette,

    un petit peu comme,
    my illustration,

    but better!


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