samedi 11 octobre 2008

IllustrationFriday 91: Strings

I need to learn how to draw lines with this thing and stop finding excuses to make a mess.

It's saterday morning now and we are having an open doors day. people should start visiting within a quarter. We invited all the people we know (some I haven't seen for the last 10 years) in the new house and prepared enough food to hold a siege for a week or more.
Being the social clown that I am, I already regret it and am entering now in a pernicious state of cold panic. You can't really get drunk at a 10am brunch can you?

no new music this week. tell me if you got some.

5 commentaires:

  1. really beautiful work - and I love the sea creatures!

  2. I love the octopuses! :) Nice colors

  3. Wow this is such beautiful work...very impressive, love the colors!

  4. Great image; and the lines are cool. I've been trying to use the wacom tablet today for lines. Ouch. Your breakfast sounds great (I would invite myself if I were closer). Very good of you. And yes, you can get drunk at breakfast; just make sure all the others do too.


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