samedi 20 septembre 2008

Illustration Friday 88: clique

on a day like today, at this time of the day, I'd be sitting on a table outside with my gang, the motorcycles randomly parked around the terrasse. Mr.P would be texting crazy because he acted like a monkey with a girl, Mr.G and Mrs S would be arguing over the kids or their ex, and sending textos all around. then I would make fun of Mr.T and his super sophisticated iphone with integrated bubble level and Ms.K would go "they're not nice with you my poor darling" and the girls would have a hot chocolate or a warm tea because the air is already cold as the sun started to set behind the hills.
then we would say "goodbye and thank you for the ride, ride home safe" to each other and ride like demons the last hundreds of miles home to the city.

except today is that day when we are not allowed to ride any motorised vehicle and the whole city has been taken hostage by thousands of byclicle nazis silently riding everywhere and savouring their all mighty revenge, speeding between terrorised pedestrains like unexpected meteors.

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  1. I really look foreward to coming to see your work now that I know a bit more about it. Your description of your clique made me laugh.


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