mardi 12 août 2008

my life as a gearhead, part IX - having a hobby

I spent too much time on the UTMC forum, and too much time reading cafe racer magazine. this one is my dirtbag challenge project. cheap 1982 honda 400TB from ebay.
I'd do a cafe racer but we need some documentation about a scrambler for a graphic project so it will be a scrambler first, then maybe later I'll turn it into a clean cafe racer.
seems like a have an history of uglyness.

I'm just fascintated with buying an ugly bike with ugly large bars and ugly custom accessories, and cheaply turn it into something stylish and (what I believe to be) of good taste, like beauty is never that far from uglyness, like opposites co-exist and are adjoining, like you're such a monster it makes you beautifull or you are so beautifull it makes you horrible.
or maybe I just too much into motorcycles and drink too much.

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